We are an industrial liquid painting company specializing in the painting of plastic, metal parts, and elastomers, etc. We maintain high quality and aesthetic standards meeting and exceeding the demands of the automobile and electronic sectors - our main clients.

Our journey, which began in 1969 guarantees our development and experience to date.

Four decades ago, we started operating with a productive capacity closer to artisanal work than industrial. Today we stand as one of the most prominent businesses in the liquid painting industry for subcontracted high volume parts in Spain. We specialise in highly demanding reference markets such as the automobile industry.

In 2003, we moved to new premises, the Jundiz Industrial Estate, in Vitoria.

Now, we have 5,000 m2 of operating space with 2 automated liquid paint lines- both horizontal and vertical. In addition, we have an automated line for the pre-treatment of surfaces.